Why Arba Minch Eco Campsite is right for you.

traveler   My name is  Wondemu Aschalew Ashene ( Wonde) 

   I was born South of Arba Minch in a small mountainous town called Gedol and grew up in the beautiful Arbaminch city. I did mys primary and high school study in Arbaminch and moved to Addis Ababa for College. My passion is art and culture and I am very communicable. I have studied in one of the best Art photography and video graphics College. After finishing my study I worked for my own study in Arba Minch more than 8 years. That time has given me the chance to work with different professional journalists and photographers by travelling in different parts of the country. But after studies at the prestigious tourism management training institute in Ethiopia I started working as a local guide in Arbaminch.

   I am one of the founders of the Tour Guide Association. Since I joined the tourism sector I had a chance to discover the country and share my rich professional experience with customers from all over the world. I am well known as a very sociable person at all tourist destinations in Ethiopia.
   As I had a chance to travel to some African and European countries I have learned a lot of ideas to do something different in my home town beautiful Arba Minch! The ArbaMinch Eco Campsite is one of my Dream project.
Furthermore I can speak in 4 different local languages as well as English and German.
   On top of all that, I have a wonderful daughter.                                                                                                           

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Wonde ArbaMinch ECO campsite owner

     Why Arbaminch Eco Campsites become like my Dream Project?

    My calling is to learn something new and bring it into the Life. So from my traveling experience in different parts of Ethiopia and abroad I have got the idea about eco campsite and eco-friendly sustainable tourism. Most of the customers love enjoying the nature and outdoor camping! According the international tourism statistic shows the Ethiopian tourism industry will grow very fast in the future. A lot of infrastructures are under construction and also so many lodges and resorts are booming in different of tourist destinations! But most of them are not realize the future of Eco-friendly traveling! The existing accommodations in Arba Minch is very different from my dream project.

  Arba Minch Eco Campsite demonstrates an ECO-responsible attitude, by actively participating in the preservation of the environment and sustainable development. Our campsite invites everyone to show respect for the environment so Arba Minch Eco camping is and remains a unique place where everyone feels comfortable and close to nature. Our goal is to help preserve the World for ours kids future.

Our mission

   To render an efficient and competitive, qualified tourism service and profoundly contribute to the sustainable tourism development of the country.

   ArbaMinch Eco Campsite would like to share experiences and educate people on nature protection and conservation.

Our vision

    ArbaMinch Eco Campsite would like to promote sustainable and eco friendly tourism in Arba Minch town! We would like to introduce for the locals and tourists camping experience and our motto is: "Keep it simple and less impact on the environment".  We are supporters of an ecological lifestyle.
   ArbaMinch Eco Camping  stands for the preservation of ancient traditions, but at the same time takes care of the comfort and well-being of the customers. Our campsite offers a wide range of leisure and entertainment opportunities as close to nature as possible.