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Our campsite is based in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. We are your ideal local tourism representative offer  the best local travel deals and accommodation for Ethiopia.  Above all our customer’s utmost enjoyment and satisfaction is our priority.

We will start our campsite constructing soon in Arbaninch town! But at the moment we offer a camping service at our breathtaking view campsite ground with a basic service - common toilet and shower! 

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Minimum stay is 1 night.
From the 3. night onwards you will get 30% discount on the basic fee of the accomodation.

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Accommodation in tents

In Arba Minch Eco Campsite you can choose a cool place for a tent. There are many benefits to staying in tents. First of all, it's cheap. But most importantly - you become almost part of nature. You will hear all the sounds of nature - the chirping of birds, the noise of animals and the sound of water. Every morning you wake up to the first rays of the sun and absorb the energy of the earth.

The tents are placed in a specially designated place at a sufficient distance from each other. Your night's sleep will not be disturbed by the chatter of neighbors. Unless you decide to join to some fun group.

Arba Minch Eco campsite and its owner

At Arba Minch Eco Cemping, there is available spacious and well-cleaned campsite area, in which you have:

  • 30 tent places
  • 5 caravan places (with available electricity)
  • fireplace
  • showers
  • WC
  • active leisure opportunities
  • tent rental

Showers, toilettes and washing facilities are maintained all day for your maximum comfort. While there, be mindful of others and maintain the same values.

Camper place (with electrical contact)

Traveling with your camper gives you a feeling of freedom. You are not limited in your desires.

With us you will find a peaceful and safe place to stay.

Here is a place where you can use the electrical outlet, prepare a meal for yourself and enjoy a peaceful rest.

Cemper car

camping place Arba Minch Eco campsite

Hiking routes

  Want to explore the surroundings of Arba Minch and get active? 

We offer you:

  •  guided walks, 
  • biking hiking, 
  • horse riding  trips, 
  • camping in different villages to experience the real and untouched way of life on the Gamo highlands and lower Omo valley. 

These routes vary in length and difficulty. We will help you choose the most suitable one.

Gurage mount walking

waling with kids Arba Minch

How to reach Arba Minch Eco Campsite? Airport transfers and further travels

We work closely together with the tour company Adventures in Ethiopia so feel free to contact us also for informations about tours all over Ethiopia.

We can organize your transfer to the Campsite from the airport of Arba Minch by a car.

You can stay a few days in the ArbaMinch ECO Campsite and then we are happy organize your further travels to the historic and nature highlights of Ethiopia. Like a Omo valley tribes, Bale mountains, Danakil depression, Simien mountains, to the Unesco registered rock-hewn churches of Lalibela etc.

Eco Campsite - Eco Food

During your visiting the Arba MinchEco campsite you will live closely together with the locals and also eat like the locals.

As all over the country, the injera (a flat sour-dough bred made of the gluten-free Teff grain) is the most popular food and served as a basic for every meal.

  You can buy the vegetables and fruits in the local market and to cook by yourselves  and by that you will benefit the locals and integrate with the community. The locals love cooking together with you in our open kitchen, both sides learning about different cuisine.



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