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  • For a tent site -  If you are travelling with your own camping gears and just want to rent a camping space with full privacy this is the option to choose.  
                   Price: 150 Brr/tent

  • For a single tent for rent - This option provides you with a built up tent equipped with a local standard mattress. Please bring your own bedding (sleeping bag, etc.). We have single or double tents.
                                                                            Price: 750 Brr/tent
  • For hut (2 people) - 
                                                                          Price: ... Brr
  • For a camper site ( included shower, wc, electricity and water, picnic place ) -
                                                                          Price: ... Brr
  • Picnic place ( included fireplace ) - up to 10 people - 
                                                                           Price: ... Brr 
    • every next person - ... Brr

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Price list of Arba Minch eco campsite