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  • For a tent site -  If you are travelling with your own camping gears and just want to rent a camping space with full privacy this is the option to choose.  
                   Price: 300 ETB 1 night/per pers.

  • For a single tent for rent - this option provides you with a built up tent equipped with a local standard mattress. Please bring your own bedding (sleeping bag, etc.). We have single or double tents.
                                                                            Price: 600 ETB 1 night /per pers.

                                                                                         1000 ETB 1 night /for 2 people

                           if you are a group more then 2 people the price is 500 ETB 1 night /per pers.

  • Bungalow tent has a shower and toilet inside, comfortable for couples and families as well - 
                                                                          Price: 1000 ETB 1 night /per pers.

                                                                                        1300 ETB 1 night /per 2 people

                                                                                        1500 ETB 1 night /per 3 people

  • Special offer for people who are traveling with bikes (with your tent) -
                                                                          Price: 250 ETB 1 night /per pers.

  • The price includes kitchen-free service and a sanitary room! 

     Notice, dear client's we would like to inform you that before you come to our campsite, please let us know in advance about your plans to arrange you things! Remark your reservation is cost free but we would like to ask you kindly it you change your plans do not forget to let us know! Thanks for your understanding!

You can contact us via WhatsApp +251911769489

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